Quantum Physics

Understanding Natural Sciences through Neural Networks

We investigate how neural networks comprehend natural phenomena and, conversely, explore methods to advance our understanding of natural phenomena using neural networks.

Our methodology is rooted in theoretical physics and conducted through theory and numerical experiments. There are no plans to conduct experiments using devices other than computers.

The focus of our research is primarily on physical systems, including quantum physics, but it encompasses general natural sciences such as the base sequences of DNA and RNA in biology.

Academic Staff


Kenzo OGUREAssistant Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Theme

Current Research Theme

  • Understanding Natural Sciences through Neural Networks

Past Research Themes

  • Particles and the Universe: Early Universe and Elementary Particles (Baryon Number Generation, Dark Matter), Finite Temperature Field Theory, Neutrino Oscillations
  • Solitons in Field Theory: Topological Solitons, Non-topological Solitons
  • Random Systems and Information Theory: Spin Glasses, Replica Method, Application of Statistical Methods to Information Theory

Contact Information

Katsura Campus, C3 Bldg. d1S02
TEL: +81-75-383-3909
E-mail: ogure@* (Add "nucleng.kyoto-u.ac.jp" after @)