Admissions to DNE

Admissions to the Department of Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto University

This page provides specific information for international applicants to the Undergraduate or Graduate programs of the Department of Nuclear Engineering (DNE). General information for admission to Kyoto University (Graduate and Undergraduate) as either a regular (undergraduate and graduate students) or non-regular (research or exchange student) student is alternatively maintained here, where you can also find information on Visa, Scholarships, and more.

Undergraduate Admissions

The undergraduate program of DNE is provided as one of the five undergraduate course programs of the School of Engineering Science in the Faculty of Engineering. Information on admissions to the Faculty of Engineering is separately available here as well as the Educational and Diploma Policies of the Faculty of Engineering.

Graduate Admissions

This section provides specific information for international applicants to the graduate programs of DNE as a regular student. General information for admission to the Graduate School of Engineering is available here, to which all the applicants to DNE graduate programs should visit in advance to the followings, as well as the Educational and Diploma Policies of the Graduate School of Engineering.

The Department of Nuclear Engineering provides Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree Programs. The Master's Degree Programs consist of two alternative programs, master-only and integrated programs. The master-only program is a 2-year course for a Master's Degree, whereas the integrated program (integrated Master's-Doctoral Course Program) is a 5-year course for a Master's Degree in the 2nd year as well as a Doctoral Degree in final. Doctoral Degree Programs consist of three alternative 3-year programs, Integrated Course Program of Applied Mechanics, Integrated Course Program of Engineering for Life Science and Medicine, and Advanced Engineering Course. Further information for these Master's and Doctoral Course programs is given in the Guidelines for Applicants.

To start DNE graduate programs as a regular student, all the applicants are required to qualify the Selection in advance, which are held as in the table below.
Application Guidelines to the Programs are made available at Graduate-School-of-Engineering website in May and in November for Summer and Winter Selections, respectively.
Applicants to the Doctoral Degree Programs, including the integrated Master's-Doctoral Course Program, are required to find and contact your potential supervisor in DNE before starting your application, although those to the Master's Degree Programs are encouraged to start your application even without such a contact. A list of Research Labs and Staff in DNE is available here.

We always welcome anyone who has an interest in DNE to our Lab tour. Contact for any further questions.

Research Students

To start studying at DNE as a research student, all the applicants need to find and contact your supervisor in DNE before submitting your documents.
A list of Research Labs and Staff in DNE is available here.

Exchange Students

Kyoto University sends exchange-student application guides to all the partner universities regularly.